ashesofglitter replied to your photo: Work in progress! This is Ellie the Magnificent’s…

Looks absolutely awesome so far!! I may have to commish you to draw one of my avi soon :D

Or I do one for free because you’re my bestie. <3

eiruka said: thanks for the follow! I look forward to seeing your art~!

Oh, no problem! Couldn’t help myself when I saw your work. <3 And thanks! 

Art, yo!

I’m so excited to finally get this going. I still have a lot to draw for commission examples, though. Oi vey. <3

A R T, Y O !

A R T, Y O !

Thanks for taking a peeksie. This is basically my blog for art and commission information. Like, reblog, order, ask me anything. I'm not real uptight or weird about what you do here. I'm just glad you're here. But yep, this is mainly for my digital drawings.

Call me Kass. :)